Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

When it comes to speeding on South African roads, there are a myriad of cameras and paraphernalia that will ensure that you pay the price of committing a traffic violation. Not only will you be graced with a clear black and white image of your crime, but you will also receive a written description of your misdemeanour.

However, if you find yourself in an accident, would like to follow up on who bumped into your car, or would like footage of an attempted hijacking, you have no hope. This fact emphasises the necessity of vehicle insurance – while we might not have cameras that can provide our insurance companies with proof, we can still rest assured that, in the unfortunate event of an accident, our vehicle is covered.

With traffic cameras strategically placed behind foliage, built structures and parked vehicles, it can often be tough not to be penalised. There are people, unfortunately, who blatantly disregard the notion of traffic cameras and whizz right past them – on occasion, colliding with another vehicle, and often times, triggering a frightening flash. To avoid both aforementioned mishaps, here is everything that you need to know about traffic cameras: consulta fotomultas medellin

Red Light Cameras

We’ve all seen them – situated right behind the traffic light, waiting to catch anyone who dares skip through them. This type of traffic camera snaps irresponsible drivers who hurtle through red traffic lights, and send the appropriate fines to the registered postal address of the vehicle’s owner. You will then be liable to pay the fine within the stipulated time frame.

Average- Speed Cameras

Average-speed cameras are slightly more sleuth than those posing behind a red light. These are the pterodactyl-like fixtures that line South Africa’s cross-provincial highways. Designed to calculate the average speed of a driver from one point to another, these cameras work similarly to any other traffic camera. If you appear to travel at an increased speed, from one camera to another, the speed measuring apparatus gets snap-happy and labels you as a hazard to other road users. Again, your fine will reach you in the post, black and white mug shot included.

Fixed Speed Cameras

These are the cameras that catch us off guard when we’re cruising on the highway and simply forget about the speed limit. They catch us at anything more than five kilometres faster than the designated speed. Dotted along the highways and byways of big cities, these cameras are responsible for capturing thousands of traffic violations on a daily basis. Depending on the speed at which you were travelling, you will receive a fine in the post and will be responsible for paying the amount within a certain period of time.

When it comes to traffic violations, cameras are the most effective way in which reckless drivers are caught. However, there are times where the presence of a traffic officer is absolutely necessary. The best way in which to avoid receiving a fine in the post, or an altercation with a traffic officer, is to be mindful of the speed limit – you’ll be thankful for it!

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